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Starting a Philippine Business as a Foreigner

It doesn’t not matter whether you’re a foreigner or a Filipino, it really is difficult to start a business in the Philippines. Tips for foreigners who want to register a company in the Philippines Do your homework! There are many restrictions on foreign equity ownership of businesses in the Philippines. The percentage of foreign ownership… Read More »

Steps in Registering Your Corporation with the BIR

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is the Philippines’ primary taxation agency. It is authorized to assess and collect taxes from all income-generating entities in the country. Before any business can commence operations, they are required to register with the BIR or be penalized in accordance with Philippine law. Here are the steps to registering… Read More »

Steps in Securing Your Corporation’s Business Permit at the City Hall

Once you’ve obtained your Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) certificate of incorporation and your barangay permit, the next step in registering your Philippine-based corporation is to get a business permit – also called the mayor’s permit – from city hall. The process of business permit application tends to vary among localities. In some places, the… Read More »

Steps in Registering Your Corporation in the Philippines: A Brief Overview

Once you have decided that the Philippines is a good place for setting up business, it’s time to begin the process of registering your corporation. Here are the steps to registering a corporation in the Philippines: 1. Register your company name with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) . This is the government agency under… Read More »

Understanding the Philippines Local Government Unit System for Foreign Businesses Operators

The Barangay So you want to do business in the Philippines, but you don’t know how to get a business license in the Philippines or deal with the government. Any foreigner wanting to do business in the Philippines needs to understand the legal process and national and municipal requirements particular to the country. There are… Read More »

Philippines SEC Name Reservation

The first step in registering a business in the Philippines is to reserve a name by either visiting the SEC or through their online reservation system First time of users of the system will need to signup as a new user. Once you have an account you will be able to verify and reserve… Read More »

Business Registration Cost Philippines Corporation

The cost for a business registering a corporation in the Philippines is based on the amount of authorized capital. Depending on the nature of the business and the percentage of foreign ownership there may be a minimum paid-in capital requirement. Schedule of fees and charges for registration of a new corporation: Name Reservation: PHP 40.00… Read More »

Software Development or Web Development Company Registration in the Philippines

There are more than 500 software development companies in the Philippines according to the PSIA.  Their clients are from North America, Asia and Europe. These companies are expected to reach at least $1.16 billion in revenue by the end of 2013, which mainly comes from the outsourcing of software development, web development and IT operations. … Read More »

Registration of Online Casino Gaming Gambling Sports Betting License Philippines

Foreign companies can obtain licenses in the Philippines to operate online gaming/e-gaming, online casino and sports betting businesses. A 100% foreign owned company can register and operate an online gaming business in the Philippines as a domestic corporation or by opening a branch office licensed by the SEC to transact business in the Philippines. Officially,… Read More »

Paid Up Capital Requirements for Philippines Business Registration

Business Registration Paid-up Capital Requirements The amount of authorized capital, paid-in capital or inward remittance is determined either by the Corporation Code of the Philippines, the Foreign Investment Negative List, DTI, BSP or SEC regulations. Depending on the nature of the business, and the amount of paid-up capital you may be required to open a… Read More »