Business Registration Cost Philippines Corporation

Business Registration Cost PhilippinesThe cost for a business registering a corporation in the Philippines is based on the amount of authorized capital. Depending on the nature of the business and the percentage of foreign ownership there may be a minimum paid-in capital requirement.

Schedule of fees and charges for registration of a new corporation:

Name Reservation:

PHP 100.00 per allowed name for each 30 days


Articles of Incorporation:

SEC fees for the registration of the articles of incorporation are calculated based on the amount of authorized capital. The minimum fees are based on an authorized capital of PHP 400,000.00.

1/5 of 1% of the authorized capital stock or the subscription price of the subscribed capital stock whichever is higher but not less than PHP 1,000.00 .

By-laws: PHP500.00

Legal Research Fee (LRF):

1% but not less than PHP10.00 on the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws fees

Application Under Foreign Investments Act (FIA):

PHP2,000.00 required for corporations which have more than 40% foreign ownership.

Stock and Transfer Book:

Purchase and registration PHP470.00


PHP 150.00 per document

Example Business Registration Cost Philippines:

A corporation with an authorized capital of PHP400,000 and more than 40% foreign ownership and one name reserved for 60 days.

Name Reservation 60 daysPHP 80.00
Articles of IncorporationPHP 1,000.00
By-lawsPHP 500.00
Foreign Investment Act ApplicationPHP 2,000.00
Foreign Investment Act ApplicationPHP 2,000.00
Legal Research FeePHP20.00
Stock & Transfer BookPHP470.00
NotarialPHP 900.00
TotalPHP 4,970.00


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