PEZA issues work visas to foreign nationals in executive positions and to non resident aliens employed in supervisory, technical and advisory positions by PEZA registered enterprises, provided that the total number of such foreign national employees does not exceed five percent of the enterprises’ total workforce.

The PEZA VISA (PV) shall be valid within and outside the PEZA registered ecozones provided that the foreign national executive or employee shall not engage in any kind of employment or business activity outside of the ecozones.

Validity of the PV

The PV issued to qualified foreign nations have a maximum validity of two years, and shall be subject to renewal depending upon the need of the PEZA registered enterprise as determined by PEZA. The PV shall also be issued to the qualified dependents of the foreign national, and shall be subject to renewal.

Holders of PV, as well as their respective qualified dependents, shall be exempt from registration requirements of the Bureau of Immigration and have multiple entry privileges including exemption from BI permits/clearances:

  • Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC-B)
  • Re-entry Permits; and
  • Special Return Certificate

PEZA Visa Documentary Requirements

.Applications for PV shall be subject to the following documentary requirements:

a. Notarized Application Form;

b. Notarized Company’s letter-request addressed to the PEZA Director General signed by its President or Chief Executive Officer, cerifying and commiting to the following that:

(1) The employment of the foreign national is required in the operations of the company;

(2) The foreign national employed has no derogatory record nor pending case against him in his domicile, in the Philippines or any other country where the said foreign national has resided for the past five years;

(3) The enterprise shall undertake an Understudy Program for training Filipino workers to effect transfer of appropriate technology on aspects of its operations for which the foreign national is being proposed for employment;

(4) Upon termination or cessation of employment for whatever cause, the enterprise, within five working days thereof, shall notify PEZA and BI-PEZA of such termination or cessation of employment, and when applicable, shall within the same period surrender the work permit/ACR I-card to the BI PEZA; and

(5) The enterprise shall assume full responsability for ensuring that the foreign national complies wiith visa downgrading procedures and conditions in the Downgrading Order issued by BI-PEZA.

c. Checklist of application for PV Extension or for Change of Admission;

d. Certified True Copy of PEZA Certificate of Registration;

e. Photocopy of passport of the applicant (Biopage, pages containing data of latest arrival and the valid/expiring/updated visa) with validity of not less than six months from time of application;

f. Notarized Certificate of Employment or Contract of Employment, indicating the period of employment;

g. Notarized Certification signed by the President or Chief Executive officer or duly authorized official stating (1) the number of foreign nationals employed vis-à-vis Filipino employees; and (2) the current percentage of employed foreign nationals over the total work force;

h. Certified True Copy of the foreign national’s Alien Employment Permit (AEP), or proof of application of AEP duly received by DOLE office and the corresponding Official Receipt bearing the name of the foreign national and the enterprise of Certificate of Exclusion issued by DOLE;

i. For applications submitted through consultants, travel agencies, law firms or any other representatives, the following documents shall b attached: (1) authorization letter duly signed by the President or an authorized official of the enterprise; (2) authorization letter of the designated consultant, travel agency, law firm or other representatives to its respective processor; and (3) photocopy of the processor’s photo ID;

j. Comprehensive Bio/data/Resume/Curriculum Vitae duly signed by the applicant;

k. Understudy with Undertaking for technical and supervisory positions;

l. Organizational chart of the enterprise;

m. Copy of the PEZA Official Receipt issued for payment of the Processing Fee duly certified as true copy by the PEZA Cashier of the assigned Special Collecting Officer of PEZA in the ecozone, and indicating therein the name of the foreign national and his/her qualified dependents, if applicable; and

n. PEZA Zone Administrator/Zone Manager Endorsement Letter to the Director General

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