Philippines Business Registration for Shared Service Centers

Shared Services Business Registration

There are multiple business entities that can be used to operate a shared service center in the Philippines. Depending on the exact nature of its activities the center may be setup as a regular BPO which could be incorporated as a Domestic Corporation or Branch Office a ROHQ or RHQ may also be suitable.

A shared services center can be setup to manage a groups accounting, human resources, information technology and customer support or any other service that one or the other company participating in the center needs.

The Philippines offers tax holidays and incentives for companies located in PEZA approved locations. ROHQ have their own tax exemptions which can even extend to local employees.

Skilled Labor

Talented multilingual employees can be recruited for every kind of service that the center will manage for its members. High and mid-level management can also be found locally. The largest financial savings enjoyed by an overseas company doing business in the Philippines is the labor pool.

Opening a Business in the Philippines

Foreign companies starting a business in the Philippines might find bureaucratic hurdles that are not encountered in their home country. Dayanan Business Consultancy is here to take you step by step through the required SEC registration processes and local business permits for your business to be up and running quickly and efficiently. DBC will also advise you on complying with the foreign investment, local labor and tax laws to ensure your business success in the Philippines.


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