Philippines Payroll System, Processing & Services

Philippines payroll processing

Philippines employee payroll is complicated; to compute payroll you need to have a good knowledge of taxation and labor laws.

Try Payroll Outsourcing in the Philippines

Dayanan’s efficient, accurate and secure payroll processing services will give you and your employees peace of mind.

Free up your time and resources, concentrate on your core business and let us process your payroll. We keep you updated on the latest changes in Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Bureau of Internal Revenue regulations, filings and reports.

Basic employee information needed to prepare payroll:

  • Name
  • Tax Status
  • Civil Status
  • Basic Salary
  • Taxable and Non-taxable Benefits
  • Incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Number of Hours Worked, Tardiness, Absences with and without Pay, Overtime
  • SSS and HDMF Loan Vouchers
  • BIR Form 2316 from Previous Employer

Our Payroll Accounting Service Provides Companies with:

(i) Payroll Computation

(ii) Preparation of Bank Data Documents

(iii) Pay slip preparations

(iv) Preparation of Payroll Accounting Entries for your Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements

This involves computation of bi-monthly payroll including determination of applicable deductions of SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF contributions and computation of Withholding Tax; Preparation of Pay Slips and Payroll Summary and Special Processing of 13th month pay, final pay, incentives, etc…


  • Monthly Withholding Tax on Compensation Return (BIR 1601-C, BIR 1603)
  • Annual Reports (BIR 1604CF and 2316)


  • Monthly Payment Return of Contributions (SSS R3)
  • Monthly Payment of Loan Return (ML1)
  • Salary Loan Application (ISL-101)


  • Monthly Payment of Contributions (RF-1)


  • Monthly Membership Contributions Remittance (HDMF M1-1)
  • Monthly Remittance Schedule of Loan (HDMF P2-4)

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