Philippine Real Estate Services

Dayanan Philippines Business Consultancy Experts can provide you with real estate development, investment analysis and market research reports encompassing the following:

1.    Real Estate Development Market Studies

a.    Regional analysis covering economic and demographic factors including population, income and employment growth, available infrastructure, public services, regional accessibility and other factors.

b.    Site analysis to determines your site’s allowable land use and zoning, availability of utilities, vehicle and pedestrian accessibility, access to mass transportation and provides a general context of the locale/neighborhood.

c.    Competitive analysis identifying specific competing developments within your market area and provides an in-depth assessment of pricing, product features, amenities and the overall competitive market.

d.    Market potential defined by interpreting the various supply and demand factors and identifying the types of buyers drawn to your site. We then identify the highest and best use for your site, outline several strategies and propose the best type of project that would be apt for your market.  Sophisticated statistical analyses are employed to determine which factors would contribute most to your property’s value and what price levels would be attractive to your market, ultimately defining the best pricing for your product that the market would accept.

e.    Financial proforma modeling and investment analysis determines what kind of returns your project can attain.

f.    Data presentation using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to give a visual understanding of the market.

2.    Development advisory – sharing our deep understanding of the Philippine real estate development industry, we provide advice on the local development process, particularly on procuring the required permits from various government agencies.

3.    Representation and brokerage services – we help you identify a property, conduct due diligence, negotiate with the different parties and eventually acquire the property.

4.   Joint venture/real estate syndication – we can assist you in structuring joint venture/real estate syndicates and identifying potential partners and investors. Financial waterfall structures can be employed to determine the distribution of funds.