Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SSRV)

retirement visa

The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) is a special non-immigrant visa for foreign nationals who would like to make the Philippines their second home or investment destination. Enjoy retirement in the Philippines, low cost living and house help, good medical care, beautiful beaches, most westernized country in Asia, and everyone speaks, or comprehends English. Come and retire in the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Sea. World renowned tourist destinations to visit, with two islands Boracay and Palawan chosen by multiple travel magazines as being in “The Best Island in the World” top ten.


1. Indefinite stay with multiple-entry/exit privileges;
2. Exemption from:
• Philippine Bureau of Immigration ACR-I Card (Annual Report)
• Customs duties & taxes for one time importation of household goods & personal effects worth up to US$7,000.
• Travel Tax, if retiree has not stayed in the Philippines for more than 1 year from last date of entry

3. Access to the Greet & Assist Program at selected Philippine airports;
4. Free subscription to the PRA Newsletter;
5. Discount privileges from PRA accredited Merchant Partners;
6. Free assistance in transacting with other government agencies;
7. Entitlement to PHILHEALTH benefits & privileges.


For active/healthy retirees, 50 years old and above who opt to maintain their Visa deposit of US$20,000.00 in any of the PRA Accredited Banks.


For active/healthy retirees, who opt to use their Visa deposit to purchase of condominium units or use for long term lease of house & lot. The Visa deposit is as follows:

50 years old & above: US$ 10,000.00 (with a pension)**

50 years old & above: US$ 20,000.00 (without pension)

*The value of the property must at least be US$50,000.00

**Required pension of at least US$ 800 for single / US$1,000 for couple


For ailing retirees, 50 years old & above, who need/require medical/clinical care. A monthly pension of at least US$1,500.00, a health insurance policy accepted in the Philippines, and a Visa deposit of US$10,000.00 are required.


For former Filipinos 50 years old and above, and foreign nationals 50 years old & above, who have served in the Philippines as ambassadors and diplomats, honorary consuls, retirees of international organizations, and former military officers . A monthly pension of at least US$1,000.00 and a Visa deposit of US$1,500.00 are required.

The Visa deposit includes the principal applicant and 2 dependents. Additional dependent, entails additional SRR Visa deposit of US$15,000 each (except for former Filipinos). CHILDREN must be legitimate or legally adopted by the Principal Retiree, unmarried and below 21 years old upon joining the program.