Things You Need to Know When Setting Up A Call Center in the Philippines

There are two legal entities which can be used to register a call center, BPO, KPO or outsourcing company in the Philippines.

The choice is limited to a Branch Office or a Domestic Corporation. Both can be 100% foreign owned as long as at least 60% of its services. A Representative Office can not be used for BPO, outsourcing or back office operations.

A Philippines corporation is the entity that resembles the most an LLC.

A Domestic Corporation is required to have a minimum of 5 directors. Each director must own at least one share of the corporation. Three of the directors must be residents of the Philippines.

A Branch Office must have a resident agent whose main responsibility is to receive legal summons from the government. Liability lies with the Parent Company as the branch is only an extension of its parent. Within 60 days of having receiving its license to transact business a Branch Office is required to give the SEC a security deposit of PHP100,000.00.

Once the Certificate of Incorporation or the License to Transact Business has been issued it’s time to apply for the for the local business permits. After which registration with the Social Security System can be done.

The Philippines government offers various Income Tax Holidays for most outsourcing businesses. PEZA and BOI are the agencies which grant Tax Incentives.

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